back to school free planner pack download by estie
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Back to School! Organize like a Pro

Without a doubt this year has been an immensely busy one for me so far… I have been working on several projects, but I kept this one in secret until NOW! From September I’m going back to school! I will start my master degree at the University of Szeged, at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies.

I have also been playing a little with graphic design programs for quite a few months now and created a handy planner for myself and my fresh start at uni. I am pretty excited and decided to share it with you guys!

I admit, I haven’t always been the most organized person on Earth and I am sure I’m not the only one guilty. We all have times when we can’t find our notes or as an example the schedule for a meeting, because our desktop is covered with all our papers and stuff.

This inhibits our productivity!

BUT since I started to work I set a new goal: to get and stay super-organized this year! I guess I am not alone in this and for all of you who wish the same, I gladly help! You can freely download my custom printables at the end of this post! I am sure there is something for every girl in my Planner pack (I wrote ’girl’ consciously, as I created a cute flowery design as a page style), I hope you will love them as much as I do. I already feel way more organized and that it became much easier to focus on my goals. We all know it’s extremely important to set our goals, those are what keep us moving forward and make us push our limits. Our success depends on how we use and manage our time, everyone has 24 hours, both poor and rich, so use those 24 wisely!

back to school free planner pack download by estie organize like a pro


  • 2017 at a glance, a full page vertical calendar
  • Monthly planner: you can also use it as a desk calendar, just print it out in A/4
  • Weekly planner
  • Daily planner
  • School Schedule: I recommend printing 2 pages in case you have A and B week at school
  • To-do list: I printed a double page for each month
  • Important dates to remember: to make sure you don’t miss out on any event or forget a birthday date
  • Password log
  • Quotes pages for motivation and decoration: you can also use them as wall decor, they look very pretty in the rooms
  • Nice cover page, with space for your name

back to school free planner pack download by estie organize like a pro

When downloading I am giving you the entire pack, it’s up to you how many pages or which pages you intend to print (or download). No more getting lost in all the tasks to do! (Click on the file icon to download, it will open in a new windowdownload buttonI plan on releasing a few more free printables this year so be sure to follow and SUBSCRIBE by email, I promise I won’t be spamming you! 😉

back to school free planner pack download by estie organize like a pro

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