Casual night outfit by Estie youtube 4K fashion video
Passion for Fashion

Casual Night

Goodbye August – Hello September, it’s time to get back to school! But let’s not hurry so much, we still have a couple of days left until uni starts again, allowing me to enjoy my ‘summer holidays’ a little more with a fashion show this Saturday.

I thought my summer has been busy (it was actually pretty busy), but fall won’t be different either, my planner is already filling up (check out my unique daily, weekly and monthly designs from my previous post). There are a lot of great things coming up, I am opening a new chapter this fall, as I’m starting my master’s degree in a totally new field of study, media. /It’s official/ Am I excited? Hell YEAH!

I am also excited to release our second 4K fashion video with No Total Films, it’s OUT NOW! Thank you for watching and be sure to follow and SUBSCRIBE by email!💖


Casual night outfit by Estie 4K fashion video

Special thanks to the No Total Films studio for filming and editing this awesome fashion clip.

To connect with them and see more of their works visit & follow:

Facebook: No Total Films

Instagram: No Total Films


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