ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora
Passion for Fashion, The World through my eyes

Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

I love to go for long walks in my alone time. It’s a strange art of loneliness; listening to the cars, hear them honking, to smell the smoke of the city and feel the hum of its movement. The breathing blur of noise gently pressing on me, that is the time I feel so silent in the inside, it’s like a walking contradiction. My soul is like a cathedral silently worshipping the life around me and finds a sense of belonging in the hectic sprawl.

I love to watch the wave of people cruising down the street. Look around. So many beautiful people out there, around you. You can sense their emotions by the looks on their faces, their smiles and every little wrinkle and grey hair telling a beautiful story about love, defeat, suffering, struggle, gain and loss, all the things that made them become beautiful.

There stood this girl in a beautiful fedora. Young, brave, standing in front of me, alone like I did. She was different, ambiguously beautiful. Words don’t come easy to describe the undeniable warmth and tranquility, but also obscurity and mystique emanating from her. I stared deeply into her eyes, they slowly unfolded her journeys, so many stories behind that fragile and sensitive girl. I could see her striving to find ways out of the deepest depths of life and the appreciation for all the little things around her, for all the things she has now. Her eyes are filled with understanding, gentleness and deep loving concern. She doesn’t have much to promise you, only quietude and reconciliation.

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

ESTIE - Girl with a Fedora

Estie Diamond in the Rough Hungarian blogger

Thank you for the amazing art! Photos by Tarnavölgyi Photography,

Grey Pelerin and Fedora from Bershka.



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