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The World through my eyes

So it goes.

Almost a year ago I had this vision about me establishing this personal blog. I clearly remember drinking my usual morning coffee right before the day of New Year’s Eve and having a brainstorming with myself. Yeah, I do that quite often… And I said, why not? Basically that is how I started all this.

New Year’s Day came – A fresh new chapter in my book. It’s quite crazy how much happened in just one year. But, there is one thing I became totally sure of: This entire bullshit about the ‘finding yourself’ ‘discover your goal in life’ etc., these are all nonsense. You have to create yourself, you have to write your own book. I’m telling you this, because I’ve been writing mine for almost a year now, this blog is a fine part of me and a public place where my thoughts endure. I wanted all this.

So, here is my honest and friendly advice for the fresh new year that is just around the corner: Stand in front of the mirror and decide what you want from yourself. I don’t agree with the ‘you can be whoever you want to be‘ thing either, because I guess I know my abilities. Even if I wanted to sing like Whitney Houston, my vocal potentials wouldn’t allow me to do so. You have to learn to let go of all the pointless goals in life. On the other hand, you can exploit your abilities and improve. This might be the hardest of all: to realize that you are great in something and understand the things you are good at. How? Ask yourself questions – this might sound a bit schizophrenic, but as I have already admitted arguing and brainstorming with myself in the beginning of this post – I do it quite often and it works. I guess this one is the key to all. Finding answers will bring satisfaction and allow you to do things you’ve never thought possible. Again, How? Well, the ‘why’ will make you curious about problems and their solutions and push you forward constantly. Curiosity keeps leading us to new doors we can open. I would rather call the new year a year of new questions and opportunities to get answers.

As a part of my end-of-the-year ceremony I would like to present You our latest photoshoot with Peter Szucs. He is a remarkably talented photographer with whom I had the chance to work not so long ago and produce some amazing art.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year loves! Xx, Estie

Szucs Peter photography EstieSzucs Peter photography EstieSzucs Peter photography EstieSzucs Peter photography EstieSzucs Peter photography EstieSzucs Peter photography Estie

The elderly are right, only dreams give birth to change! You just have to trust your madness.

Estie Diamond in the Rough Hungarian blogger


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