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Girl with a Fedora

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University of Szeged
The World through my eyes

Back to School – Been there, done that. My experiences – Very shortly.

So here I am after one week of university (again). I knew that working and going to uni at the same time will be hard, but it looks actually harder than I imagined.

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Casual night outfit by Estie youtube 4K fashion video
Passion for Fashion

Casual Night

Goodbye August – Hello September, it’s time to get back to school! But let’s not hurry so much, we still have a couple of days left until uni starts again, allowing me to enjoy my ‘summer holidays’ a little more with a fashion show this Saturday.

I thought my summer has been busy (it was actually pretty busy), but fall won’t be different either, my planner is already filling up (check out my unique daily, weekly and monthly designs from my previous post). There are a lot of great things coming up, I am opening a new chapter this fall, as I’m starting my master’s degree in a totally new field of study, media. /It’s official/ Am I excited? Hell YEAH!

I am also excited to release our second 4K fashion video with No Total Films, it’s OUT NOW! Thank you for watching and be sure to follow and SUBSCRIBE by email!💖

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Review of the week by Estie: Exfolimate tool set
Beauty Junkie

Tested: My Mate for Smooth Skin – Exfolimate

We have all heard about exfoliation in vlogs, read about it in blogs and all those magazines with beauty articles. If it’s a radiant skin you are after, you need to exfoliate!

First things first…

What is exfoliation? And why is it good for the skin?

During this so called ‘exfoliation’ you basicly remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. The shedding of your skin is a totally natural process and adding exfoliation to your skin care routine helps it, encourages smoother, brighter, clearer (with a more even complexion) and healthier skin. There are some lucky ones among us who have glowing and radiant skin already. But! Many people need exfoliation to help reduce acne and get a nice, smooth skin. Continue reading

estie x no total films fashion clip in 4K Retrowave 4K video
Passion for Fashion


I am so excited today! This is no ordinary fashion post, but the introduction of my very first fashion clip (if that is the right term to use). I set a vision, a goal this January, to start my personal blog, so I could communicate and share my thoughts and experiences with You. I didn’t actually know how to start it, what is a really good fashion post like, but post by post, You helped me get here with all Your comments, messages and feedback. So much to thank! #projektyou

Producing fashion photos and posts were not my only dream, I wanted to do something more, something greater. I have always dreamt about trying or lets say getting a little taste of cinematography, movies, short films, image films etc. and making a fashion video was a great way to follow and unfold my passion and connect this dream with my other baby: my blog.

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back to school free planner pack download by estie
The World through my eyes

Back to School! Organize like a Pro

Without a doubt this year has been an immensely busy one for me so far… I have been working on several projects, but I kept this one in secret until NOW! From September I’m going back to school! I will start my master degree at the University of Szeged, at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies.

I have also been playing a little with graphic design programs for quite a few months now and created a handy planner for myself and my fresh start at uni. I am pretty excited and decided to share it with you guys! Continue reading

Hello August Hello Augusztus
The World through my eyes

Hello August! Trust the Magic of New Beginnings

Hi everyone, long time no see, but I am back again! We are just right about to say goodbye to one of my favorite months, July and welcome August! I may ask myself: what will this August bring me? No one knows, but I definitely intend to get the maximum out of it concerning blogging, too.

You will see me under a private domain very soon, with a fresh new blog theme, posting so much exciting content and photos, also planning on opening a new category here. Be sure to subscribe by email or follow on Instagram and WordPress, so you won’t miss a thing!

xx, Estie

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